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This chart will help you best choose the right gullet for your horse. 6" Semi-Quarter Horse bars. Fits a refined horse. 6.5" QH bars. Fits an average QH or refined Arabian. 7" Full QH bars. Fits a Foundation, Stocky or Chubby QH, Round Arabian or Draft Crosses.
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As a rule of thumb, in a Western Saddle, you want to be able to put one hand in front of you. In an English saddle, you want to be able to put one hand in front and one hand behind you. The following guide will help choose a seat that's best fitted for your needs. Western: 90-130 Pounds 15" 131-170 Pounds 16" 171-200 Pounds 17" 200 + Pounds 18" English: 90 - Pounds 15" 90-130 Pounds 16" 131-175 Pounds 17" 176-225 Pounds 18" 225 + Pounds 19" 225 + Pounds 20"